If they say deez change the topic QUICK or else
Friend: you know about deez
You: you wanna get fries
Friend: um sure I guess
by Diamond Carson October 6, 2021
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Never reply to this word with what
Kid: Hi Im Deez
Kid 2: Deez What?
Kid: Deez NUTZ
by Your mom's perfume May 20, 2021
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Deez is a possessive descriptor or possessive pronoun. It is often used to describe certain aspect of male anatomy. Usage often implies a masculine and prideful connotation. Enunciation often further draws on the word to emphasize importance. When visual cues are available, look for the motion of a male grabbing the groin area a reference to what is mine. In some instances is used in conjunction with the word nuts to form an inflammatory response to a rhetorical question or simply as a greeting. The implication is that if the recipient does not approve of the actions or behavior of the speaker, they are invited to consume the product of said male anatomy through an explicit act. Look carefully for visual or audio cues and I believe you will find the meaning easy to decipher. If truly perplexed, ask the speaker in a polite and refined manner what they mean by their statement. Example: "pardon, sir (madam) could you be so kind as to further elaborate on your previous statement. I am having difficulty interpreting the precise meaning." Undoubtedly, the response is often equally polite and, if your lucky, profoundly colorful.
"you wish you had one of deez."
by gearheadcb April 30, 2007
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Deez is a man who constantly enjoys his balls in other peoples jaws. His name if often used to signify dominance in the schoolyard.
"who are you?" "im deez." "deez who?" "deez nuts."
by ThatPinkBlob March 26, 2023
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Deez a slang term of the 2000's is usually referring these.Most people use it like the example below
Meanie -I heard you like Deez
Boy-Deez what?
Meanie-Dezz nuts
Meanie-Ha Gotee
by Gotee April 29, 2015
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