A volume of arcane and occult knowledge featured in the horror stories of H P Lovecraft. Though he made reference to some genuine texts, the "unmentionable Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred" was entirely his invention. Throughout the Fifties and Sixties his books gained such a following among college students that numerous hoax versions were produced, drawing heavily on his own Cthulhu fiction and the writings of Aleister Crowley.
"You've got a Necronomicon? Woo, I'm impressed. *opens it* You'll notice that turning this diagram upside-down actually displays the Arabic for PROFESSOR CARLING BLOWS GOATS."
by shoggoth August 11, 2003
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A possibly lost book containing occult knowledge and wisdom. It was most prominently featured in the works of Lovecraft, and he later claimed that the book was his own invention. However, further investagations show references to the work "necronomicon" much older than Lovecraft so even if he did completely invent all the information in his "unspeakable necronomicon" it is still likely there was some old occult text of the same name that was just wiped from history as part of the cycle of book burnings and european wars.
A work called the "Necronomicon" may have existed, even if it wasn't anything like the book featured in Lovecraft's works.
by amdotaku January 31, 2005
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The book that causes and Army of undead to arise which Ash totally wastes with his mad ass chain saw.
by JP May 5, 2003
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Means "Book of the Dead," in Greek. An occult-book *title*, not an actual book, made famous by writer H.P. Lovecraft. Several questionable versions of the Necronomicon were released in the 1970's, although the Avon version is translated from genuine Sumerian texts. The various Necronomicons have no connection to Lovecraft except for the title, which was added as a publicity stunt.
"The Necronomicon was first published about 40 years after H.P. Lovecraft died."
by Samurai-V January 16, 2005
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a book that was made when the ancient sumarians were around. the book is not satanic! its is a form of witch craft necromancy.
"the dead came to me in my dream now im a psychopathic killer klown muta facko"
by SKITTLEZ DA CLOWN May 8, 2003
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Necronomicon, Book of Dead Names (Necro - Dead, Nom - Name, Icon - Book) is ancient egyptian book about funerals, death and underworld.
It contained the rituals of burial and prayers for example to avoid torment (like eating dung).

Later it was used by writer H.P. Lovecraft in conjunction with his Cthulhu-mythos thus giving occult meaning to it. This connection is, however fictional.
Iä Iä Shub-Niggurath
by Swicca March 1, 2005
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The Book of The Black Earth, The Book of the Dead. Entirely fictional. Though many of the names within the book are derived from Sumerian, Babylonain and Domascan mythology, the book still remains a clever piece of horror/sci-fi writer H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Brilliantly laid out to the point that it is still believed to be completley genuine by a great number of people and occult enthusiasts, The Necronomicon as we are able to read today is published by Avon books and accredited to a ficitonal author named Simon, possibly a sur-name for Lovecraft or one of his close and personal literary devotees during his life.
H.P. Lovecraft's fabled Necronomicon is entirely fictional, though believed genuine by many people, yet no one has ever heard of anyone successfully applying the formulae and rituals within the book.
by E April 7, 2005
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