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An expression which means a long time.
That play was so long, was just hours on end.
by gleenn May 5, 2017
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Damn, did you see Hobillary arguing last night, they were going to tear each other a new one.
by gleenn February 2, 2008
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Tears that are fake, or are meant to deceive. Same as crocodile tears.
Man, that bitch was totally faking it with those alligator tears.
by gleenn May 14, 2007
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Objectives and Key Results. A methodology used to improve workplace performance by having a clearly defined objective with measurable key results. Was created by Andy Grove at Intel.
Our OKR's include getting a bazillion dollars of sales each quarter
by gleenn April 2, 2019
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An internet browser that is rising in usage and popularity and claims better security and standards compliance than the defacto standard, IE. It does tend to take up a lot of memory and like any software has some issues.
Wow Yen, I just tried the new Firefox browser and I don't get any more virii or spams from all my favorite porn sites.
by gleenn January 28, 2008
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A fancy way of saying "ducks in a row", which is an expression meaning having to have everything setup perfectly to work.

Collinear = in a line
anatidae = family of birds know as ducks.
You'd really have to have collinear anatidae if you want to get a rocket to Mars.
by gleenn July 11, 2018
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The point at which you've made it financially, you'll know because you are eating copious amounts of mango from Whole Foods which was sliced by a white guy named Noah.
Did you see the size of that girl's wedding ring!? She's totally at noah mango now, set for life.
by gleenn December 13, 2017
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