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Hot ass Asian girl name. Also Japanese currency which reflects that you would pay a lot of yen to get a hot Yen.
Glenn: Wo, check out that girl, she's so yen.
Yen: I heard that bech.
by gleenn January 28, 2008
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Yen is a super girl! super human.

If you're named Yen, you must be the happiest girl on earth.
A Yen has so much SWAG, you could tell even if she is standing 10 km away from you!
by coolness1 February 18, 2011
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1.A strong desire or inclination; a yearning or craving
2.A basic unit of currency in Japan
The unit of value and account in Japan. Since Japan's adoption of the gold standard, in 1897, the value of the yen has been about 50 cents. The yen is equal to 100 sen.
by The man March 18, 2001
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Yen is someone who cares about there friends. Who Never gives up on people! Who has the desire to learn new things to improve themselves. To make themselves and others be better! For them to push themselves! Someone who is going to wake up and think about others!
Yen is the kindest person I know!
by Rebela November 04, 2018
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A form of 'yall' or 'you guys' used normally in the south but is quickly making it's way north in the midwest.
What are yens up to later?
by CSells March 19, 2004
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Drowsy state during Opiate(Heroin) withdrawal.
The addict may fall into a tossing, restless sleep known as the "yen," which may last several hours but from which he awakens more restless and more miserable than before.
by SR May 16, 2003
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slang for American money despite meaning Japanese currency, used by many young Americans
"Yo Skeeter, give me all your yen! I need to buy some Nic-Nacs!"
"Tough luck, Roger, I spent my last cent o' yen on a Beets bootleg at Honker Music Shoppe."
"Aww man!"
by JohnnyLurg September 18, 2012
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