7 definitions by gib

The style of wearing the collar of a dress shirt flipped up, covering the neck.
Did you see that preppie kid? He thinks he's so cool, with his popped collar and sweater vest.
by gib November 11, 2004
being extreamly stressed and pissed off
'chill man, don't have a cow'
by gib March 19, 2004
a man so devoid of all intellect and charisma that he makes less stimulating conversation than a sharpened turnip.
please stop talking to me hipkiss as my brain is melting and dripping onto the floor.
by gib January 20, 2004
Givin it 110%. Givin it yer all. Goin as hardcore as could possibly be imagined.
"Whadya plan to do with your life?"
"Well....I'm just gonna go out there and giver!"

by gib November 13, 2003
very small breasts. usually found with some suprise amidst wads of kleenex used to pad a brassiere in order to give the illusion of ample breastage.
good god! where are your breasts? all I can find are these bresticals!
by gib January 20, 2004
law, gib, burke, danny b, konig, farrar, chris, stace, turnham, and other milfs are ult.
by gib March 23, 2004
A careful insight into the world of literature uttered during an english class led by a closeted homosexual.
Whoa, did you hear Dan during our discussion of Romeo and Juliet? Man, he totally pulled a Schissler!
by gib March 23, 2004