To have an erection and attempt to disguise it by flipping your penis upwards -- so it is held between you underwear/pants and you waistline.
My teacher asked me to stand up in class, I had a huge boner so I needed to flip up quickly before I stood.
by Platinum January 11, 2004
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the classic hair style of the late 90's in which the bangs of the hair are made to stand up; which then evolved into the "blow out" which is now used by virtually all people who go clubbing
Hey wanna go play soccer? Yeah, just got my new flip up.
by spackadam August 8, 2006
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A lesser hard alternative for "fucked up" but with same meaning. It means you failed to do something, or didn't suceed in doing it.
I failed in making a good conversation with her! I'm a failure! I flip-up every time!
by Feirce_lilKitty August 5, 2017
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A junior high hallway activity where girls were subject to having their skirts lifted from behind in order to see their pantys. Giggling and running to the safety of the girl’s bathroom was the usual response. Occasionally she might turn and glare. Many wore shorts under their skirts to thwart the boys. This was common in the Tacoma WA are in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Jane: Remember, tomorrow is flip up Friday.

Jill: whoa, I better wear pants!
by Musicurious December 5, 2017
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It's like shut the f**k up, but less vulgar.
Person 1: Can you say the F-word?

Person 2: Shut the flip up!
by Matthew678 March 16, 2019
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use to describe a person that wears their collar flipped up. However the use of "flipped up collar kid" is supposed to be used as an insult because of the first letter of each word spell something.
When you call someone a "stupid flipped up collar kid" you actually are calling them a...

"stupid F***"
by Tyrone Biggs May 29, 2006
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