To be noble, brave, and true. To uphold to the highest standard, and to never sway from your family and/or friends.
"My last dog was a real Konig, the finest hound ever know to man."

"Might as well call that man konig, he'll never give up for what is just."
by Rockster Road April 2, 2010
The King of the FLP's, the mascot of a Discord server, inspired by the Knochen Konig meme.
He took a major role in an undertale alternate universe named "Unarranged Anomalies".
FLP Konig is also a nickname that was given for a guy who used to have over 100 FLP's
Med - That guy over there has a lot of FLP's

Cas - Holy shit lad, he's the FLP Konig
by The Grandest August 25, 2018
Being sold something by a company only to find out a week later that it's not available. Usually showing plenty in stock but in reality having zero. Showing a general lack of interest in correcting inventory reports.
I bought these really awesome Konig wheels for Scion tC a week ago. I didn't hear anything for a week so I called only to find out that they never had the wheels that they showed in stock. I got Koniged.
by therealwheelshady February 18, 2011