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One (or more) males in a group who always think they are funny, but instead embarrass their friends - especially around women.
Tom: "Ugh, I was talking to these two hot chicks, and then Doug comes up outta nowhere and starts dry humping me, thinking he was being funny"

Dave: "What a butt clown...I've got his car keys, let's just take off and leave him here"
by frostboy74 September 16, 2009
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A term used in describing foot odor, it is typically used when the odor has a particularly "wet" or "musky" aroma, or when the smell is so strong that simply telling someone that their feet stink is not enough.
"Ugh...Jesus dude...(gags)...your girl's got some serious swampfoot!!"
by frostboy74 September 16, 2009
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Clown Tits


1. superb

2. such as to cause wonder, admiration, or astonishment

3. to inspire awe
"Oh my God, did you see his new sports car?"

"I know - that thing is fuckin' clown tits!"
by frostboy74 September 15, 2009
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Another word for penis - typically used in a threatening manner.
"So what did you do then?"

"I told him if he didn't shut up that I would break my fuck stick off in his word hole!"
by frostboy74 September 15, 2009
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adjective meaning "Over Gold"

Taken from the movie "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" - a 1988 film spoof by (and starring) Keenen Ivory Wayans.

Jack Spade (Keenen) returns from the Army to his old neighborhood following the death of his brother, Junebug. The police determine Junebug's death to be the result of an "O.G.", or "Over Gold" — the victim has overdosed on gold chains.
(excerpt from the movie - set at a crime scene)

Lieutenant: "So, what do you got for me?"

Officer: "John Doe, between 25 and 30 years of age, cause of death looks like "O.G.""

Lieutenant: "Over Gold!"

Officer: "Yep"

Lieutenant: "Any signs of foul play around here?"

Officer: "No sir, looks like a case of just too many gold chains"
by frostboy74 September 15, 2009
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Typically used in today's working environment - sudden responsibility syndrome (or SRS) is defined when a co-worker, usually a manager, deems that you are now responsible for work that was previously theirs to do.

Sometimes, the reasoning for delegating the work is legitimate, but it's often simply because the co-worker/manager is a lazy asswipe.
Manager: "Hey Ron, I'm gonna need you to take over the filing of the weekly error reports from now on, OK?"

Ron: "I guess, but I'm already working late most nights just trying to keep up with my regular workload. Did you just get some new contracts that are going to burden you or something?"

Manager: "Oh good Lord no...the boss wants to take me golfing on Wednesday mornings. Oh, that reminds me, I'll also need you to cover all of my phone calls and emails during that time as well"

Justin (to Ron): "Damn dude, looks like you just got a bad case of SRS"
by frostboy74 September 16, 2009
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A term used to describe a person that is always unable to go anywhere or do anything because they don't have any money. Often used in a snide way when referring to a person that consistently uses lack of money as an excuse for not going out.
Taylor: "Hey, did you talk to Dave about going out for beers after work tonight?"

Justin: "Yeah...he said he has no money...like always"

Taylor: "Man, that Brokeahontas never does anything with us any more"
by frostboy74 February 11, 2011
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