Is the perfect man and a sexy being in general. Known to cause even the most loyal of girls to abandon their boyfriends. Talented with girls, music, and owns in every game he plays. Strong like ox. Always competitive, and never loses what he competes in. He is considered to be the "ladies man" and GOD
Keenen: hey
Hot chick: omg you're so amazing
Keenen:yeah I know.
Hot chick:wanna make out
Keenen: you know it
by ~~JT~~ June 12, 2009
(pro-noun) The incorrect spelling of Keenan.
Keenan: The name's Keenan
Most people: Keenen?
Keenan: Nah , K.e.e.n.A.n!!
Most people: okay, let me just write it down. K.e.e.n.e...
Keenan: NO jerk off! n'A'n WITH AN 'A'!
by Keenz August 23, 2007
looks like jay but lacks the silent hetero life mate bob
hey my names keenen want to smoke a bowl?
by keenan December 15, 2003
A kid who is in all of my classes at school..
Mr.Ford..are you stalking me?
by ISS November 20, 2003