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A small mark on a person's face.
I have a Blemish.
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A joke in the form of a trick.

"Prank" is commonly and incorrectly used as a replacement for the word "Harassment".
It's just a Prank bro! its just a prank!

- guy trying to get views

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Excitement. sometimes used in other context by people who don't understand the word. Not used in common conversation.
That strat was pog (shorthand of poggers)
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An individual's permission to do something. usually physical.
She consented to sex.

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Common internet slang that has 2 general meanings.

1: The fuck why
2: That feel when
"tfw you go to the bathroom and the water splashes and gets on your butt"
"tfw disney own so much?"

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The short name for a beverage called Coca cola. The name originated from the main ingredient in the original drink, Cocaine. The cocaine was taken out of the drink recipe in 1929 and has never returned.
"Pass me some of that coke"
"I didn't want Pepsi, I wanted coke."

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