A vagina on ones face. Most commonly on the forhead. Very similar to a dickhead.
''Omg that woman has one huge Blemish!''
'' I want to fuck her Blemish''
by J Moody October 30, 2006
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Hey that coat your wearing is looking a little blemish.
Yea i was playing that new video game its a little blemish.
by t-yooooo November 15, 2009
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A small mark on a person's face.
I have a Blemish.
by frindjinny6 November 2, 2020
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A mark or stain left on clothing or bed sheets after sex.
I noticed that Miley Cyrus had a large cum blemish on her dress last night when i watched The Voice on TV.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 11, 2017
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-A person who is inexperienced with strip clubs, and feels guilt about going/ being a part of one.
-A type of person who pays for a strip club membership, but doesn’t go due to guilt of being a member to a strip club. (Will usually stop by fumble with they’re ID but leave anyway in the first 8 minutes.
“Dude John is so blemished, he walked around town all night trying to find a strip club, and when he finally made it, they took his ID and he left to go to a college party
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