A term generally used by old persons, to insult the younger generation.
by Michael February 1, 2005
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An archaic term used by elderly people to refer to younger, less experienced people. (Often used in a light hearted manner)
Dang it billy you little whippersnapper, get off my lawn!
by Drika ~ August 30, 2019
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A young and inexperienced person, typically overconfident or arrogant.
a random elder: dammit i hate that whippersnapper!
by NowTilous August 6, 2018
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a young person that is caught by an elder, either vandalizing or being a punk
Hey, get off my lawn you whippersnapper
by kokoklownanr February 9, 2009
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Developed in the early 16th Century by old cowboy dudes to describe the amateur whip-cracking abilities of the young and hip. It has since been stolen and now refers to kids who eat whipped cream on their Cheerios and snap their fingers in a star formation.
"you young whippersnappers drinkin' your sody pop and listening to that 'hippity hoppity"
by SnapperWhipper February 3, 2016
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A boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He is usually somewhat tan and only wears Vans calf socks, khaki shorts, and short sleeve button up shirts. They can be pretty cocky and full of themselves.
Person 1: Who's that guy Lucinda is talking to?

Person 2: Probably another Loyola whippersnapper.
by dreydn January 21, 2014
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A disrespectful and rude child. Used by older people to refer to much younger.
The whippersnapper ran right by me and almost knocked me over.
by Scottmana November 26, 2007
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