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A term generally used by old persons, to insult the younger generation.
by Michael January 31, 2005
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most often used by old people (see geezer) to describe an arrogant young person.
"why, did you just hear that young whippersnapper talk to me?"
by Arrrrr...bagel... November 03, 2003
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General derogatory term used by old people to refer to children as way too carefree and chaotic compared to their own childhood. The name comes from the famous painting 'Snap the Whip', depicting children running through a grassy field.
"Back in my day, kids got the newspaper themselves, now they're all just mean and rude, like you, ya' whippersnapper!"

"Apperantly, his grandfather just called him a 'whippersnapper'. What an mean old hobo."
by Zelmisburg August 21, 2011
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What old people, generally your grandparents, call "youngsters". The word is derived from the term "snapping your whip" which means getting a b0n3r. So basically your granddad is calling you a whipper snapper because you can get it up and he can't. The term has been used less frequently since the development of viagra
"You young whipper snappers!! Always sticking your business in places were it doesn't belong!"
by Matr1z December 03, 2004
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Developed in the early 16th Century by old cowboy dudes to describe the amateur whip-cracking abilities of the young and hip. It has since been stolen and now refers to kids who eat whipped cream on their Cheerios and snap their fingers in a star formation.
"you young whippersnappers drinkin' your sody pop and listening to that 'hippity hoppity"
by SnapperWhipper October 06, 2016
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