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Harassment is the act of bullying somebody based on their sexuality, race, religion, size, hair color, or anything like that. It is NOT considered harassment if you are just arguing unless one party is bullying you.
Dude that's not harassment.
by Gothix August 25, 2010
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Despite that people think that bullying ends for awkward people after high school. It doesn't, it's just called harassment now.
by Celyuh October 01, 2016
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Any unwanted contact can be harassment regardless of the verbal or written content. The included aspects of the word "contact," is broad because that can include: messages, touching, encounters, or conversations. That would include a cop wanting to ask questions. This is why there no crime of harassment in most states, while the New York laws of "aggravated harassment," were designed to crack down on organized crime rather than ordinary citizens. Harassment does not make someone a "stalker," either because stalking makes someone a criminal. Harassment can result in a judge's order to stop. Violating the order is the crime of contempt.
Harassment probably won't get you arrested but it can get you fired.
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by Rosebud1776 August 06, 2017
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Making repeated unwelcome advances.
Harassment from bike riders is getting bad. They like to own the road and irritate passersby. When did society overcompensate so much?
by Nogoogleyeyes June 27, 2016
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Harassment is not your ex friends talking or texting to you other ex friends. Harassment is what Roger Ailes did to Megyn Kelly, you try to have sex someone with out consent or if you come by someone's house when your NOT WELCOMED to come here. BTW, Saying your not welcome to come here is not saying I'm threatening to kill you in a round bout way dumbass
That is real Harassment
by you better a wanna be! be you! November 05, 2016
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