Transmisogyny affected. Anyone who is transfeminine / a trans woman is affected by transmisogyny. If you’re not transfem, you are tme - transmisogyny exempt
Seraph is transfem and is targeted by transmisogynist laws, so she is TMA
by tomatotown June 30, 2022
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Hey, have you listened to the new episode of TMA?
by onetwothreethrowaway June 9, 2020
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Too much admin. A phrase that suggests that someone can’t be fucked doing something. Can be used as TMA or as “too much admin”.
Andrew why don’t you go google that?”
“Nah too much admin

“Andrew you should get a gf”
“TMA brah”

“Fuck you Andrew”
by BrownVoice February 18, 2019
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1. twist 👏🏼 my 👏🏼 arm
2. a *sarcastic twist* on the expression you use when you’re given an option that you do not want to do or will require too much effort
Kirsten: Rob I know we’ve already smoked 27 bowls, but should I pack another ?
Rob: TMA

Kirsten: Want to randomly go to Yosemite some weekend and camp in the words?
Rob: omg, TMA
by Ralphy Jones December 5, 2019
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Ladislav- AFAIK your IMAP is FUBAR and POP is not set to take HTML, while the CFD has NTFS and PC has EXT4. ROTFLMAO! NRN.
Paul- TMA!!
by psnack May 13, 2010
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"True martial artist", almost always used disparagingly to speak about someone who doesn't like changes in his or her martial art, for a number of reasons. These reasons tend to revolve around either the ability to make money by offering to teach a "pure" form of a martial art, or simply for the aura of legitimacy and lineage.
student 1: "that teacher claims to teach pure JKD, but he really just teaches a sloppy Wing Chun."
student 2: "so he thinks he's a tma?"
by ....omalan July 24, 2009
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"Too Much Ass".

Sure it doesn't make sense, but it's fun to say. Usually used to describe a female with an anatomy not so much like an hourglass, but more like a pear. Unnaturally wide hips, or just a plain fat ass.

Because, after all, there is such a thing as too much ass.
Damn, that bitch got a bad case of TMA!
by Clayton Bigsby October 18, 2006
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