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A cerebrally underdeveloped person who occupies the highest office or position of power, the responsibilities of which are far too great for that person's limited mental capabilities.
"George W. Bush will be regarded by future historians as the greatest, most dangerous presidentard in American history."
by feeriker September 21, 2007
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1. A law enforcement officer who exhibits behavior that is characteristic of a human being of below average intelligence.

2. Synonym for cop.
"Man, I can't believe that coptard tried to arrest a dead man for AWDW."

"A SWAT Team full of coptards raided my son's daycare center looking for a crack stash."
by feeriker January 23, 2007
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A woman who is both nasty and unbelievably stupid. A portmanteau of "bitch" and "imbecile." A synonym for "bitchiot" and "bitchtard."
Did you see that woman scream at her toddler as she locked him in her car before walking into the store? I'm calling the cops on that imbitchcile!
by feeriker October 26, 2011
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Someone who takes pride in having a large number of followers of their own blog, but who refuses to visit or leave comments on anyone else's blog.

Well-known columnists and pundits who maintain their own blogs are the most notorious blogsnobs, usually citing "deadlines" or "demanding writing (or lecture) schedules" as the primary reason for their lack of reciprocity.
"Michelle Malkin gets hundreds of comments on her blog each day, but I have yet to meet one of her follower's who has found a comment from her on THEIR blog. That woman is just a blogsnob!"
by feeriker March 30, 2010
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A portmanteau of "American" and "moron."
The average Amoricon can't name his or her Congressional representative, but can name everyone who appeared on <I>Dancing With the Stars</I> over the last year.
by feeriker January 10, 2012
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A woman who is both a bitch and an idiot and who exhibits the worst possible characteristics of each.
"I can't believe Paris Hilton would dare open her mouth in public in front of a camera again. That woman is a fourteen-karat bitchiot."

"Can you believe Madeleine Albright telling 60 Minutes that a decade of sanctions against Saddam Hussein and half a million dead Iraqi children was 'worth it?' What a bitchiot!"
by feeriker October 20, 2009
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1. Donuts, the favorite food of cops, pigs, porkos, and swine.

2. Synonym for pig snacks, pig biscuits, and pig fodder.
Be sure to put a dozen-box of pig treats on the front seat of your car whenever you go out cruising. Maybe that way you'll avoid a ticket or a bust if you get pulled over.
by feeriker April 03, 2007
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