A sweet lovable person who can be a bitch at times. she has a smile that will light up a room. shes always sick or getting sick. Alot of people think that she is pretty. Everyone likes her. She wont open up to you when she first meets you but when you get to know her she is an amazing person. She is very smart but will pull of a dumb girl.
by twerkgame April 23, 2013
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An ironic nickname for someone with no tact or diplomacy, i.e., the opposite of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, known for her great diplomatic skills.
Marsha told Sue she looked fat today. Marsha is such an Albright.
by wickedrich June 21, 2013
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Albright: Someone who from affar seems seems offical and by the book but when you work with them you realize they are quirky and cool.
That dude seems like a dick
Naw man he's Albright!
by Irishbackrub June 1, 2018
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(verb) To bullshit, severely. This transcends regular boasting or lying about a situation or attribute to the point that it's just sad and frustrating to hear. Albrighting is very closely tied to pathological lying, the only difference between the two is that the American Medical Association has not formally recognized it.
Leigh: Oh my God you guys, you won't believe it! I just got back from jogging five miles and I ran into Kanye West! We were talking for like three hours and he said to call him whenever.

Alan: You've been gone ten minutes! You're such a fucking Albrighter.

Tyrone: All this Albrighting is making me sick.

Leigh: Haha, like, wha?
by Supafly Jenkins August 12, 2008
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goin' without underwear: from the Scottish Albright clan.
What's under yer kilt? Nuttin -- I be goin' albright today.

I'll be alright tonight.
by Bombero41 April 8, 2010
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Person 1: Awww. Did you get a guy yet?
Person 2: Yup. A total Albright

by Sam_Honey February 4, 2009
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a overly large farm boy who touched his sister and loves corn on the cob. He was never circumsized so god hates him.
The fat boy eating an ice cream cone is such a frickning albright.
by Evil Corp:( April 28, 2006
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