n. Tiny creatures found in the desert. Generally gregarious, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Infatuated with American Soldiers. Speaks arabic and usually english, fluent in all english curse words and insults due to hours spent emulating Soldiers. Easily identified by the sound "mista, mista."
Iraqi child 1: mista, mista, mista, mista, MISTA, mista, mista, MISTA!!!!!

Soldier: I see you, chill the fuck out. What do you want.

Iraqi child 1: (perplexed, attemps phrase in broken english) Chill the fuck out???

*exit soldier, enter another random Iraqi child.

Iraqi child1: chill the fuck out.


Soldier 1: How was your mission?

Soldier 2: It was alright, I taught some Iraqi children the lyrics to Gin and Juice.

by firestarter6 February 2, 2009
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Children who will grow up in a completely unique world. A puppet third world country that will be milked for all its resources and then leave the people there for dead. What a future these democratic citizens of the future have.
Iraqi children will grow up to be productive, starving adults.
by Mr. Happy the rabid squirrel October 4, 2005
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Children living in the country of Iraq. These children now have the opportunity to do whatever our fantastic society allows us to do, or better, they have:
- until the new free government becomes as dictatorial as the previous one (if not worse);
- if the fact of having possibly lost their homes, families, friends, limbs doesn't create them particular problems;
- until they aren't killed in one of the daily attacks by the terrorist who are now rampaging uncontrollably in the whole country;
- until a particularly scared/nervous/unexperienced soldier who liberated them shoots them by error.
Who was ever giving a damn about the Iraqi children before the war? The excuse were the feared weapons of mass destruction. Then, after no WMD were found, the excuse became "Hey, we liberated the poor people from the bad guy! (And we sold them to the terrorist)"
by Kerrigan May 15, 2005
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"Unintentional" victims of USAF saturation bombing attacks, but this obviously doesn't bother some retards who think there was a reason for America to invade Iraq, would vote for a mentally challenged president like George Bush and probably are stupid enough to spell moronic as "Mooreonic" because that's the limit of their wit. Civilian casualties are accepted in wars, but their deaths at least aren't meaningless when there is a reason for the war.
SOME REDNECK: "So stop whining about "babies this babies that", because we're not in this war to kill babies. Pull your heads out of your fucking asses and grow up."

GEORGE BUSH: "Less thinking, more sucking, get back down there"
by anon January 4, 2005
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Children living in the country of Iraq. These children now have the oppertunity to grow up in a country where they can choose their own careers, own property, perhaps go to college in another country, and someday raise children of their own. Due to not growing up under a dictator, they now can have such liberties as choosing where they will live, learning about science and technology, Getting television that is not state-run, and not worrying about being put in prison for expressing a political thought.
I'm glad the soldiers are here to protect me, give me food, clothing and shelter, and allow my dad to come back from Prison for making a joke about Saddams mustache.
by skarchman May 12, 2005
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Small, dirty urchins who have been known to:

1) Beg for food
2) Steal anything not strapped down
3) Hit Soldiers and Marines with rocks then disappear into a crowd
4) Grow up to become terrorists themselves
5) Learn to drive by the age of 8
6) Play soccer
7) Can consume multiple bags of skittles in very little time
8) Get slapped around by a Male Iraqi adult
9) Have mastered the Western "Middle Finger"
(Iraqi Children) Mista, Mista! MRE, MRE.

(Soldier) Fuck off.

(Iraqi Children) Fuck off you (flips Bird)

(Soldier to other Soldier) Keep those little shits away from the antennas.
by mikethemummy May 14, 2009
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The newest generation of Iraqi children have an unprecedented opportunity never before presented to the country's youth. Ignorant small-minded Democrats and ultraliberals were completely against dethroning Saddam Hussein from his reign of terror over Iraq. Sadly, some still struggle to see the difference that the Republican party has made to the world, most specifically in giving Iraq the ability to grow into a functioning society of Democracy and liberty.
Now if we could stop Iraqi children from becoming Islamist radicals...
by Trae April 11, 2006
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