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That untenable ideology propogating the somewhat novel untruth that feminists are women.
Feminism is an ideological hiding place for creatures who appear to have been born of a union between a sasquatch and Janet Reno.
by Etymoligizer September 21, 2007

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(n.) A woman of questionable purity whose popularity with the opposite sex is due entirely to the most highly-developed aspect of her anatomy - her breasts. A "boob skank" is so ugly, though, that were it not for the attention due to her breasts she would never get a second look from anyone.
It's a good thing that Stacy has 40DD's so that nobody has to look at her face! She is such a boob skank!
by Etymoligizer September 04, 2007

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A combination of the words "feminist" and "retard." All feminists are femtards, because feminism is the singular most ridiculous ideology to ever be contrived by the human mind (which is saying a lot since there are Jehovah's Witnesses out there!). Feminism is, at its very root, retarded, because (but not limited to):

1) Feminists harp on about equal rights while attempting to legislate superior rights for women.

2) Feminists maintain that women can do anything men can do and then get fire departments, local police, and the military to lower their standards so more women can be employed.

3) Feminists hold to such horrific fables as, "Women never lie about rape" (LACROSSE, anyone?).

4) Feminists maintain that men and women are the same, while noting that men are more violent than women, and women are more nurturing and cooperative than men. So in the feminist's doctrine, men and women are the same except for where women are better than men....

5) Feminists simultaneously maintain that women are strong enough to lead countries yet also maintain that when women do not get their way at home their husbands are being "controlling" and are guilty of "domestic violence."

6) Feminists maintain that women are strong enough to lead countries, yet need to be protected from bikini calendars in the workplace.

For all these reasons and a thousand others, all feminists are to hereby be referred to as "femtards."
That judge just found that Joe was guilty of domestic violence because he threw a sock at that sow slut of a wife he has - judges are such femtards.
by Etymoligizer September 05, 2007

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Stripping. The act of sensuous self-manipulation and gyration around a metal pole (usually in a strip club) with the intent of stirring up lust in the people viewing the dance. The pole is an integral part of the dance because it assists in some maneuvers and because it furnishes a central gathering point for people either to watch or to present tips.

Any attempt to pole dance without stripping is mere trifling.
Pole dancing without nudity is a trifling waste of time....
by Etymoligizer September 27, 2007

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(compound n.) That female employee, one of which is in every place of employment in America, who obtained her job because of her killer looks, her outrageous bra size, or her blow job talent as demonstrated on the boss.
If you want to find the office bunny, start asking the women in the office where you can buy cute shoes; the chick who starts bouncing when she answers is probably the one....
by Etymoligizer October 01, 2007

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(also T-Room Queen) A male homosexual who seeks sordid trysts with other males in a public toilet (t-room).
Larry Craig is both an elected senator and a tea room queen.
by Etymoligizer September 27, 2007

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(n.) Samoan term for an emotionally unstable woman who uses sex to get attention from the general public. A floozy, slut, or whore, with the added dimension of being afflicted with severe personal instability.
That woman doesn't care about anyone other than herself! She broke up with her boyfriend 9 times in 12 months and cheated on him almost the entire time. She is such a peleti!!!
by Etymoligizer August 27, 2007

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