Finding great pleasure in another person's suffering; going so far as to inflict that suffering intentionally in pursuit of one's own pleasure.
Jeff's penchant for sadism reached new heights when he found his ideal subject and truly delighted in her torment.
by MadMan'sMadQueen October 14, 2017
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Abstract noun

The state of gaining pleasure, often sexual, through cruel or degrational behaviour towards other people, often by inflicting physical pain or causing humiliation.

Other forms: sadist, sadistic
Linked to: sadomasochism
Antonyms: masochism
Sadism is often a trait of villains.
Sadism and Masochism are both examples of kinks.
by Raven Page July 23, 2018
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From the Marquis de Sade, enjoying inclicting pain, fear, and/or general suffering

the same things inflicted on others.

Similar to schadenfreude, but sadism is often more sexual in nature.
What are you-?! Get that snake away from me! You know that I'm scared of them-! What did I tell you?! Stop it! You're so damn sadistic!
by Sam October 29, 2004
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Sexual pleasure derived from inflicting pain on another individual.
by JDAltazar January 29, 2003
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(n.)The emotional release consequent to having had just about enough of feminist cunts.
Following his third divorce, Randy devoured the works of the Marquis de Sade and became a devotee of Sadism.
by Etymoligizer October 4, 2007
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The act of being sad all the time and making others around you sad too.
Sadism is the best thing we can achieve. It is the only thing from which we can experience heaven in it's truest form. Even the font i'm writing in is sadist. Henceforth i propose the idea of promoting sadism. I hope you'll partake in this wonderful way of life.
Me:Hey sam,Why are you peeing on everyone's school bag?
Sam:I am spreading sadism.
by Flexboi14 September 4, 2018
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a reason for a pissed off neighbourhood to come to come and hang your distasteful and disgusting degenerate ass from a light standard in said neighbourhood if you are ever outed as such.
Sadism is a term found in every edition of of DSM IV and Sexualis Pychopathia ever since these tomes were written
by J. Michael Reiter November 1, 2004
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