A contraption that yanks out your hair and tortures you to think that it will stay in your hair till you die or you will have to cut your hair. Oh the struggles are real.
Dude my hair tie is stuck in my hair again!
by BlueBlueBlueBerry March 15, 2017
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The thing that always goes missing when you need it even though we've got around 4 stretched to the size of our wrists on everyday. Other word for a hair bobble .
Oh fuck, my hair tie is gone again. Doesn't matter I'll use this one.
by cacti are spikey November 5, 2018
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Usually used with long hair to keep it from getting everywhere, but now used to shoot and get stuck on the ceiling of your humanities classroom.
"Whats that on the celing?"
"Must be a Hair tie"
by 21nolanitis March 29, 2019
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When you seem to have lost all hair accessories and very badly need to keep your hair out of your face. When having a case of hair-tie desperation, the affected will use nearly any accessory and/or item in place of hair-ties or head bands. This sometimes works fir the affected and other times ends in a complete fashion disaster.
Girl One: Hey, where'd you get that head band? I''ve never seen one with that shape.
Girl Two: It's actually a neck-tie my mum bought for some random project she was working on. I had a major case of hair-tie desperation and it actually looks kind of cute.
Girl One: Nice.
by writer_chick97 July 26, 2013
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When a woman gives a man head and wraps her hair around the base of his penis for additional friction.
Your hair is far too short for a hair tie blowjob!
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when you shoot a hair tie from your thumb and it hurts (might get arthritis), and then it hits a computer and slowly but surely types out "monopoly".
yo i got bad early onset arthritis in m 19 year old thumb from national shoot a hair tie day
by 19yroldarthritis November 1, 2019
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the act of using a girl's hand band as a cock ring, soaking up her cum and then putting her hair up for a BJ
Steven's dick wasn't working right so, Rachel gave him an Alaskan hair tie.
by tittytictac4U January 31, 2023
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