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An animal created by the zoology dragon in the labs of rathergood.com
Cow!...Cube!...Cowuuube! Cow!...Cube!...Cowuuube!
by El February 12, 2004
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A God of GoEdit
El Scorpion is God
by EL February 15, 2004
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The greatest film production company ever; a company that produces great films.
Team Possum Productions make good films.
by El December 17, 2003
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Abbr. Chicken Fucker; a person who enjoys to fuck chickens. Either cooked, plucked, dead or infact alive.
But some Cfs have difficulty distingusing raw chicken from cooked chicken. Legend has it that many Cfs have died from intercourse with raw chickens
That chicken is cooked... right?
by El February 08, 2004
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this really funny and wacky kid that that says "psht" a lot and refers to cupcakes as "small cakes" or "foil cakes" also turns red when embarassed. also goes by the name andrew b. j.
me:yo what up dres?
dres: psshht!
me: no psht to YOU!
by el July 02, 2004
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1. An extremley attractive female, usually with a disinct lack of clothing.
2. A ridiculus misake which you cannot beleive you made.
1. Check out the dombermon in black
by El February 07, 2004
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euphemism for the act of rape, i.e. surprise sex; intercourse you weren't expecting to have
The diamond store billboard read, "Surprise her. She'll love it." I'm actually fairly certain she won't.
by EL January 19, 2005
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