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adj. describing a member of the Republican Party, or a conservative. Opposite of left-wing/liberal.
Sean Hannity is right-wing.
by Ed August 06, 2005
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from back in the day
Alphonse was feelin the old school hiphop flavas
by Ed April 28, 2003
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the founder of gangsta rap, although he sent out some intelligent messages with it about ghetto conditions, drugs, pimping, etc.
Half these gangstas today wouldn't be able to look Ice-T in the face
by Ed August 28, 2003
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Drinking an entire bottle of Robitussin and being under it's influence. It will cause hallucenations, hyper-activity, relaxed sensations and general crazyness.
Brett drank a whole bottle of 'Tussin and now he's robo-tripping!!!
by Ed March 04, 2004
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Female groupie of rodeo cowboys
His trailer was filled with buckle bunnies after the show
by Ed March 19, 2005
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a black woman who carries her self with high respect. usually brown to dark complexed women are seen as real "sistas"
"that beautfil sista has got it going on"
by ed June 09, 2003
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1)understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite.
2)belonging to the select few.
3)private; secret;confidential.
TRISHA: and the winning theme is 'That Episode of Whos the Boss Where Tony Sees Rachael Naked in the Shower.
PETER: YES! That's mine! un-freakin-believable!
LOIS: Peter, isn't that somewhat esoteric?
PETER: Lois, Whos the Boss isn't a food.
by Ed August 04, 2004
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