not real, make believe, bullshit.
just pedophilia.
Lauren: "What is your sexual identity Mark?"
Mark: "Im a pedosexual"
Lauren: "No, you fucking dipshit. You're just a pedophile, you fuck children, and should be publicly hanged."
by godthemself June 25, 2018
being sexually attracted to an underaged person
Bill: I think I’m pedosexual
Edna: what the fuck
by ile June 18, 2018
It's not a sexual identity, you dumb fucks. It's just a bunch of pedophiles trying to be included in the LGBT community, making them look bad. LGBT people DO NOT support pedophilia. It's just a bunch of angry religious people who think that making them look bad will get them to be who everybody tells them they should be.
Avery: Hey Harry, are you part of the LGBT community?
Harry: Yeah.
Avery: What do you identify as?
Harry: I'm a pedosexual
Avery: nasty ass. Get the fuck out. Your kind will never be supported.
by LGBTQ+ Supporter January 12, 2019
A non-existent word invented by pedophile activists as part of their ongoing effort to legitimize and legalize the sexual exploitation of children.

See pedophile.
Bob is a pedophile but he calls himself a "pedosexual" in order to portray his deviant sexual desires as a mere sexual orientation. The rest of us know Bob is really just mentally ill.
by Ed January 21, 2005
not part of the lgbtq+ community
John: I identify as pedosexual. We're valid and belong in the LGBT community

Mary: No the fuck you don't asshat
by Toast the loser December 29, 2020
pedosexual is a pedophile thats not in LGBTQ, a pedophile troll that tries to make LGBTQ look bad and they rape kids, pedosexual is not a gender in LGBTQ at all, its just when someone is sick in the head
person 1: im a pedosexual.
person 2: no youre not because pedosexuals dont exist youre just a filthy pedophile
by anons15 May 31, 2019
1. A person who engages in completely unnatural behavior towards young children.

2. A term made up by pedophiles to try and make themselves look unjustly opressed.
Pedosexuals cannot be allowed to reframe things so as to make themselves look opressed.
by FVZA May 21, 2006