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The FEMA effect refers to the all-too-predictable incompetence that emerges when the federal government machinery gets into the process.
The ineptitude in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was in part a manifestation of the FEMA effect. They probably think that you French-kiss someone on the elbow.
by eViL pOp TaRt August 20, 2006
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Lateral cleavage refers to the display of a woman's breasts from the side; a term more polite than sideboob.
While my prom dress did have a little lateral cleavage, it was still okay since I used dressmakers' tape to keep the nipples from being exposed.
by eViL pOp TaRt February 16, 2013
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A common greeting used by New Orleanians, converying pleasure upon seeing a friend, especially one that has not been seen for a while, more than a request for location. It's an effusive hello.
When I see my friends in New Orleans, we often say, "Where ya at?"
by evil pop tart February 05, 2010
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This is a small but important genre of film that fits all of the forms of the classic film noir, but is set in a bleak, impoverished Appalachian setting. This type of film features corruption, crime, moral ambiguity, a hero in conflict, and a mysterious woman. In many of them, moonshining or bootlegging or some other indigenous Southern form of unlawful activity is featured.
Robert Mitchum's "Thunder Road" and Gregory Peck's "I Walk the Line" are two very important examples of the hillbilly film noir.
by eViL pOp TaRt May 11, 2007
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An Arkansas virgin is a girl that can run faster than her brothers.
Marilou was, like many girls on the track team, an Arkansas virgin.
by eViL pOp TaRt June 26, 2006
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This is what some people in New Orleans call a sidewalk.
We can walk to the store on the banquette.
by eViL pOp TaRt May 10, 2010
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A pornish hen is a woman (or girl) who posts risqué pictures of herself on Facebook or other personal pages; or who does so in internet communities. This is a play on the term Cornish hen.
Vickie posted that picture of herself losing her bikini top; she's become a real pornish hen.
by evil pop tart October 15, 2009
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