A Momoko is Japanese. She's outgoing, nice, and a bit socially awkward, but in a very cute way. When you first see a Momoko, you don't think much. After a while though, Momoko will kill you. You will die of overwhelming cuteness. It comes in waves off of her. Momoko will probably takes her shoes off in class to get comfortable, lays her head down on the desk to write, smiles alot, and always says "bless you" when someone sneezes.

She speaks her mind and is tough as fuck. So tough, you want to get through to her. As bad as it sounds, you're going to want to see a Momoko be sad and open. So sad she wont give a shit who'll comfort her, she'd just want comfort. When you meet a Momoko, you're going to want to be the one who hugs the shit out of her, protect her, never let her go, and cuddle her butt so hard it loses circulation.
Momokos have an asian sense of style. (black stocking and daisy dukes, uggs, cute sweaters, leggings and skirts) When she puts on glasses you'll be dead. Her resemblance of a cute asian wife will kill you.
Joe: Dude, Momoko said she's making mochi. And she's givin some to me xD
John: Shit, really? Luckyy
by Hong-Zeng November 20, 2012
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Japanese for Peach Child or Peach girl
Name of a girl in Sacramento.
This person is always sweet and kind to everyone
That person smells like Momoko
by Momoko16 September 1, 2008
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A Japanese who hates almost everything/everyone.
I sound like Momoko.
by MomokotheWorm May 3, 2010
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The essence of the kpop fan nobody likes
They think their opinion on music is the best

and they have pride in their skill that doesn't exist
"watch out momoko is nearby"
"fuck momoko. I mean srsly that girl is a little shit!"
by caretyulez224 March 28, 2021
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