ejaculation onto a girls face while she is wearing diva glasses
The Paris hilton is when guy having sex with a girl, the man pulls out, the girl puts on her diva glasses and the guy ejaculates on her face
by Inappropriatecomments October 25, 2009
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When you pull your shorts up and pinch a part of your ballsack together with the fold of your hip and yell 'PARIS HILTON'.
"Dans such an asshole, he pointed to something that wasn't there behind me, and when i turned around he had The Paris Hilton pointed at me.
by The Pussy Slayer June 10, 2009
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1. A hotel in paris where the doors are always open.
2. A girl who's father owns the hotel. The girls doors are also always open.
3. A synonym for Kansas: Flat, White, and easy to get into. (cite, uncyclopedia, article, paris hilton).
1. Me and my family would like to stay in the bottom floor of the Paris Hilton
2. Me and my penis would like to stay in the bottom floor of Paris Hilton.
3. "We're not in Paris Hilton anymore"
by portapussman August 3, 2010
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Looks like an ugly version of Big Bird. Will depart from this world without ever leaving anything worthwhile behind. Will never be remembered for a damn thing unless she evolves into human being. Obviously has no respect for her family or the family name. Although, I did hear that they were not paying their employees enough to live on. I guess she comes from a family of pigs after all.
Paris Hilton is a creature that it on this planet just to take up space. Useless life form.
by Doozy December 15, 2006
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Female correctional facilities in California.
That useless bitch should be locked up in one of the Paris Hiltons.
by dougless May 8, 2007
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The only person whose nude fakes are real
Person 1: See these nude fakes of Paris Hilton?

Person 2: You idiot, those are real!
by Reason user August 1, 2008
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person 1: man that girl is such a paris hilton!

Person 2: i know, i herd she did it with 8 men this month alone!
by sara-fantastic March 30, 2009
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