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1. A city just west of Los Angeles that has at least one liquor store per every four blocks; one porno book store per every 8 blocks; and a Asian Massage Parlour every mile. (Actually, there is a place on Manchester Blvd in Inglewood that as all three of those AND a gunrange in the same BLOCK!) It's also famous/infamous for being a part of another LAPD officer black man beat down bka Rodney Kinged back in 2002

2. Famous city known for crime that is named in Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Snopp Doggy Dog and TuPac songs.
Lryic from the song California Love.

"Yeah, Inglewood...
Inglewood always up to no good."
by Dwayne October 10, 2004

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A man who does something very punkish, who can't keep his mouth shut when he fucks up.
Did you hear that Kobe Bryant implicated Shaq for affairs when he got busted? What a bitch nigga!
by Dwayne October 02, 2004

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A method used by males to prolong an orgasm. Masturbation helps a man from premature ejaculation.

A man who can control his mind to cum when he wants to has dick control.

A man with excellent dick control can go 50 minutes to an hour before bursting the first nut.
Carl's girlfriend was elated when he developed better dick control to make the sex last longer.
by dwayne May 13, 2004

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A place with natural "whole food" but it's really expensive. Also known as "whole paycheck".
I went down to Whole Paycheck today for lunch. Their food bar is $5.99. It cost me $10 to get something decent.
by Dwayne September 10, 2004

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The viewing of a dead body before the funeral.
It was good to go to the Notorious B.I.G.'s wake before they cremated his body.
by dwayne May 11, 2004

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Basically, a new word that comes into a language through creatively using that language. Borrowed words from other languages and dialects are not neologisms.
Ebonics: Ebony Phonics

Notice both ebony and phonics are 'english' words, these two words were creatively used to create a new english word.
by Dwayne December 04, 2003

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Something that does not exist. A fallacy.
I was out last night looking for some free pussy. I'm still looking.
by Dwayne October 02, 2004

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