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Detroit, Michigan.

Deriving from the city being labeled the "Murder Capitol", it is a term describing any city where because of broken homes, your chances of being a step parent is greater than catching AIDS.
It was hard for Stewart to find a soul mate he had alot in common with, because he lived in what America dubbed the "Baby Momma Capitol". As a result, he dates frequently outside of his ethnicity.
by Dwayne May 7, 2004
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An extremely heavy grade of motor oil, typically 50W-20. This oil is used in an automobile when it's on it's last legs and should be replaced. Engine butter does help for a while, but sooner or later the oil burnoff gets so bad hat you are spending as much money one oil as you are on gasoline!!!
I need a reign job on my car, it's smoking like a sonofabitch, i'm gonna pure some engine butter in there, maybe I can get another 3000 miles outof it if I'm lucky.
by Dwayne September 17, 2004
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1. When a stripper grabs your game boy with her hand and moves it around.
Dude, Dimples gave me one hell of a hot lap dance with lots of grinding and stick shifting, you need to get yourself one too!
by Dwayne August 27, 2004
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An expression to tell someone to fuck off.

To literally lick in a man's urethra or a womens cunt.
by Dwayne May 11, 2004
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The act of getting laid. Having sex. To tap dat ass. Performing tapology. Reading the booty-scriptures.
For pimps, playas, and hustlas, it is a right of passage to master the art of tapology.
by Dwayne January 15, 2004
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Hatred and bigotry bundled into one large package. A highly bigotted or racist person.

Linders are known to:
- Hate "gay"
- Believe that all black people carry knives
- Screw you over regarding your taxes
- Proclaim that conversations in cities are only about "drugs and gay"
- Have a disdain for working
- Promote irrational behavior in every way, shape, and form
- Be anti-alcohol and preach about the sins of drinking before heading out to the local bar
- When returning from the above-mentioned bar, complain about lesbians at the bar who she claims work at a local strip club (how she knew where they worked is a mystery... or is it?)
I wish Jerry Falwell would stop being such a Linder.
by Dwayne March 2, 2005
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