Miley is a strong, athletic, loving person. She is Daring and a fast learner. She is tall, pretty, creative, and funny And loves all sports. She is always there for you through the good and bad. She makes the world a better place. If someone is in trouble she backs them up. She is determined and very smart. Miley is that person that never gives up. She always sees the best in people and never lets anyone down! So if you have a Miley in your life don’t let her go because she is one in a million and people like her are hard to fine.❤️
Girl 1: look there’s Miley!!!!
Girl 2: omg she’s sooo nice!
Girl 3: I wish I could be friends with her!!
by Smile25 July 15, 2019
Miley are usually blonde but sometimes have brown hair. They have hazel eyes with hints of blue and she’s beautiful. She can make anyone laugh and can make anything seem funny. She has one main best friend and Miley and her best friend spend most of their time together. If you meet a Miley keep her forever and ever. She’s the best person you could ever meet.
Girl 1: Omg why is that Miley girl so pretty?!
Girl 2: she’s just a Miley! 🤷🏼 ♀️
by m-and-a October 22, 2019
A great artist, great songwriter, entrepreneur, does great things & helps people with her talent! Strong faith in God and his will to work thru her!
A girl that is doing great things at a young age! Very mature for her age.

Some people don't appreciate her as much as they should. They should try being like Miley by being a role model and doing good things!
Shes so smart, she's a Miley!
by nextjenaration_22 February 4, 2010
a person whos name gets dragged through the mud because of Miley Cyrus. AND A PERSON WHOS KINDA PISSED ABOUT IT
*goes on urban dictionary and searches for name*
urban dictionary; Miley is a snobby asshat
by September 2, 2018
She is a one of a kind,most generous girl you could ever meet.She will stand up for you no matter what.She is a little short but she might mess you up.She will take nobody's crap.She loves robotics and pusheen cat.She thinks she is ugly but she actually is not.Her friends will stay with her no matter what,even if she messes with the teacher and gets in trouble.
Miley is an awesome friend,she can be trusted no matter what
by was up girly May 21, 2019
A white girl who can sing badly but for some strange reason we all love her.
It may also stand for a white girl whose father is famous.
Most likely though, the main defintion would be an annoying white girl who really gets on your nerves
Micheal, your a miley.
She's a miley.
He's a Miley.
We are Miley.
by Manraj Pandher May 27, 2008
Synonymous with the word Jonas. However, this is an insult directed usually at people who go out of their way to act stupid or moronic. It can also be directed at ugly clothing, like anything produced by Hannah Montana.
Girl 1: That's so fucking custy that I want to throw up my lungs.
Girl 2: That is so Miley.

Girl: You're so Miley.
Miley Cyrus: Thank you!
Girl: Only you would take that as a compliment, you fucktard.
by T-sang December 30, 2009