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1) In poker, it is the minimum amount you can buy in terms of poker chips. It is the opposite of cash out

2) buying in can be similar to selling out the difference is semantics. Buying can apply to a line of thought or an ideal or whatnot.
1) "The buy in at the hold em table is $50."

2) "After moving to the USA, we bought in to the american lifestyle and values."
by dracula June 26, 2004
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What a guy says to a naive or dumb bitch to get in her pants
What a guy says to a naive or dumb bitch to get in her pants

grrl: Do you care about me?
guy: Of course I care about you, now shut up and bend over.(they proceed to fuck)
by dracula June 26, 2004
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Expression that means, "better than good." When you are bangin a freak, you must take the phone off da hook to avoid interruption, so the literal definition of "off da hook" means "better than sex" but people use it similar to "off the charts."
The party last nite was the shizzle, there were so many hot chicks it was off da hook.
by dracula June 17, 2004
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Someone who shovels manure; a shitkicker.

Someone who spends all their time on a farm away from civilization
The grunt that works on the farm was a total hayseed. good for feeding the chickens
by dracula January 23, 2005
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1) this word was originally came from captain marvel comics, Captain Marvel would say this word and it was the source of his power

2)We use it now to put emphasis on an extraordinary action
1) Captain Marvel says, "Feel my wrath evildoers, SHAZAM!"

2)A: "did you get the tickets?"

B: "It didnt look good but I waited for 2 hours, some people ahead of me gave up and went home, but" *pulls out tickets* "SHAZAM!"
by dracula June 26, 2004
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from shakespeares sonnets(i forget which one) the devil means penis, hell means vagina, putting the devil in hell means straight up fuckin.
After about 20 minutes of foreplay, I finally put the devil in hell and it was worth the wait.
by dracula June 22, 2004
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someone, usually male, that only likes asian women.
I walked through hollywood and saw several dozen fools wearing shirts proclaiming their asian fettish. I laughed at them.
by dracula June 17, 2004
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