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Essentially, a crack whore who's covered in mud from the ditch that a trucker pushed her into, after she finished giving him a blowjob.
Phil: "Hey, was that Tessie?"
Chris: "You mean the girl who's covered in mud, with cum on her face? Yeah, that's Tessie."
Phil: "Wow, what a ditch bitch!"
by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008

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A devoted follower of Hillary Clinton, who has been brainwashed into believing that she isn't a deceitful cuntwhore who's completely full of shit.
I can't believe that Dennis is such a hillaretard. I thought he had something resembling a brain in his head, but I guess I was wrong.
by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008

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Another way of saying that someone or something is "the shit".
Man, Al Gore is turdrific! He's really the shit!
by dirtyjeff March 20, 2008

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A somewhat cute blonde girl, with limited acting and singing ability, who has been propelled to stardom by the Disney Company.
Rana: "Are you going to the Hilary Duff concert?"
Phil: "The Hilary Doof concert? You've got to be fucking kidding me, right?"

by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008

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A form of torture, similar to waterboarding, that influences compliance of a prisoner by subjecting them to the simulated experience of drowning. The interrogation subject is restrained and a sheet of fabric is wrapped over their face. Then, between 4 and 10 men simultaneously urinate on the prisoners face, which induces gagging and vomiting almost immediately. The prisoner typically begs to be executed after 3-4 seconds of pissboarding. Prisoners subjected to pissboarding often have mental scars that last a lifetime.
Chris: "Did the pissboarding get him to confess?"
Ed: "Who fuckin' cares? I've got another 12 beers to drink."
by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008

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An unpleasant medical condition where shit keeps leaking out your ass, similar to the way it constantly flows out of Hillary Clinton's mouth.
Phil: "Dude, something stinks!"
Jeff: "Yeah, I have a case of Hillarectum. Sorry 'bout the smell."
Phil: "Maybe you should get an Obama to take care of that."

by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008

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Simply a scrotum, nutsack, etc.
I shaved my berry basket on Tuesday and now it itches.
by dirtyjeff March 16, 2008

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