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A gorgeous person that will always try to make you smile, she is beautiful in every single way. She is also very kind and always dreams of world peace, she is and looks heavenly. She is super fashionable and plain perfect. She is also smart and very hardworking. Sometimes she is misunderstood, but it's all part of being a fabulous Rana.
Woah, I can't believe how perfect that girl is her name must be Rana.
by None of your business 123 June 21, 2014
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Rana is a cute lovely girl. If she had chance to have attention she’ll definitely grab it. She always have unique ideas but never share them if you didnt ask. She tend to be so shy and awkward when you first meet her but give her sometime then she’ll turn cool. She show her true colors only to people she’s comfortable with. If a Rana have a crush on you she’ll never look or talk to you and will be so awkward around you. She is so beautiful but she cant see it. She always criticize herself so always remind her that she is geourges, unique, creative and different in a good way. Tell her that it’s okay to make mistakes and to be different.
“I just talk to Rana for the first time. Wow she really have an amazing mind I never knew”
by Star163 April 23, 2019
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Ranas are usually sexy and special. They tend to be sweet and humble with a sparkle of kindess. The Ranas are full of love and give out love to everyone. Usually one is humorous and very outgoing and people love to spend time with them. Also Ranas are usually the type to have big breasts and a huge ass.

Ranas are flyer than a G6

They are cooler than anyone.

The face of a Rana is unique and beautiful.
Wow that butt is a Rana

The Sunshine in A Rana glows spontaneously
by teetjn November 19, 2013
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Rana is the name of a pretty, funny and sensitive girl
you always want to see her and she is flyer then a g6
Guy1: omg did you see that rana girl? i think i like her..
guy2: HEY! i saw her first.....

Girl1: omg do you know rana? shes so funny i love herrr! lol :p
Girl2: actually i think she likes me more we are like best friends!
Girl3: no way! im her bff!
by supomg123 March 11, 2011
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A girl who does not realize her potential and spends her time thinking that she sucks. Ranas are usually sexy but do not realize it, and thus annoy the male populace by covering themselves up. A rana usually has a kind heart and a smile that lights up the world, but if you piss one off, she will kill you.
I don't see why he wants to date her when she's such a rana.

Stop crying about getting a 92, you're in danger of becoming a rana.
by ThePsychMajor November 21, 2010
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