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Musical term describing the rhythmic substance of a song or musical piece. To be of loud, catchy and energetic nature. Normally achieved through heavy and dominating guitar work.
How good's the guitar work in that song?! It is deadset riffin'!
by Dennis Scott September 15, 2003

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A piece of synthetic or natural fabric, often of an exotic visual layout, designed to swaddle a person's exterior such as their arm or head.
Jive Bunny: Dawwg where should I throw my bandeezy - on my fucking arm or on my head?


Jive Bunny: Dawg what's up with that!!
by Dennis Scott August 09, 2004

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An unintentional encounter between two beings where both gesture towards moving in the same direction at the same time, creating an awkwardness. May occur several times in a single confrontation.
Today I spondered in the hallway on the way to brunch.
by Dennis Scott September 02, 2003

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A piece of sticky tape that has collected dust, or other small foreign objects, and thus become stickyless and unusable
Hutch: Sonny...what's with this sticky tape you gave me? it doesnt work!
Sonny-Bill: Ahh i dropped it, its distape now
by Dennis Scott October 10, 2003

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The sound a sponge makes whilst being relieved of its wetness.
Dude!!! Did you hear that coig!!!
by Dennis Scott September 16, 2003

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A situation whereby a male who is sexually inclined towards other males mistakes another male as being homosexual, and thus proceeds to attempt to win his heart.
Trent: Hey there big boy, I hear they call you Fat Tony... ;)
Ant: I'm not gay
Trent: I'm so sorry, I could have sworn that you ride the man train.
Ant: That's alright, just an innocent case of homoerrata...
by Dennis Scott August 10, 2004

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A practical joke played on msn messenger. Involves opening a message window with an online contact, and before saying anything to them inviting someone else into the conversation. It is recommended that you then change your name so as not to be discovered, type a quick discreet message, leave the conversation and return to your previous name. This will leave the two members of that conversation forced to talk to eachother in a usually awkward moment.
Hutch: bye (leaves conversation)
Sonny-Bill: huh?
Jamal: whos this?
Sonny-Bill: ....umm....hi
by Dennis Scott October 10, 2003

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