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The true meaning of the word Badass. One true badass mofo.
That norbert, hes such a badass. Not even Jaime can outdo him.
by Quan h March 04, 2007
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(noun) A successful type of theft which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist.
Last night, hit a good lick. I brought home three figures easy for about two hours worth of my time. Not too bad I don't think.
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by Nikki Stixx January 18, 2021
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Norbert is a hungarian male name.In german it means: "North Light".It's hungarian shoutcut is : Norbi.
I saw Norbert yesterday.
My name is Norbi.
by Norbi October 26, 2007
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A sexy Handsome Man with a 2 inch dick

"The 2 inch punisher"
When I see Norbert, his presence makes me squirt!
by Bruh:) March 14, 2017
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A rather cute yellow beaver from the television show The Angry Beavers on Nickolodeon. He has a brother called Daggert.
Oh man that Norbert is my favourite beaver! He is so cool!
by ryza77 May 14, 2007
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is a little faggot and never does anything right and hes also a smart ass and dummass
stop being a norbert
by ajaxs9888 November 04, 2019
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1. A Hungarian vampire, specifically a sparkly one.

2. A sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania.

3. A transvestite with a glitterdick.
Person A: Have you heard Emily is dating Norbert?

Person B: You mean the kid with the glitterdick?

Person A: No, the Hungarian transvestite!
by Yourtwinnies January 26, 2011
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