Absolute legend Norbert he walks into the room all the ladies get wet. HE gets all the laddies with his massive 11.5 inch Cock and he is the most fearsome man alive with 14 inch biseps.
Wow I wish I was like Norbert with his 11.5 inch cock
by Truedefinitions1324564 November 14, 2021
The true meaning of the word Badass. One true badass mofo.
That norbert, hes such a badass. Not even Jaime can outdo him.
by Quan h March 4, 2007
A sexy Handsome Man with a 2 inch dick

"The 2 inch punisher"
When I see Norbert, his presence makes me squirt!
by Bruh:) March 14, 2017
A rather cute yellow beaver from the television show The Angry Beavers on Nickolodeon. He has a brother called Daggert.
Oh man that Norbert is my favourite beaver! He is so cool!
by ryza77 May 14, 2007
is a little faggot and never does anything right and hes also a smart ass and dummass
stop being a norbert
by Uchida Judy's November 4, 2019