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An unintentional encounter between two beings where both gesture towards moving in the same direction at the same time, creating an awkwardness. May occur several times in a single confrontation.
Today I spondered in the hallway on the way to brunch.
by Dennis Scott September 02, 2003
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A sponder (noun) is a social initiator who sends group invitations or group requests in order to organize an event.
Mary is definitely a sponder! Thanks to her, we all stay in touch!

Paul is the biggest sponder I know. By doing what he does, he makes things happen: dinner parties, football practices, mountain trips - you name it!

If there is a sponder in my neighborhood? Sure! Francis! Who's organizing bbq-parties every summer? Francis. Who's organizing the annual spring clean? Francis! Everyone should have someone as Francis in their lives. He sure make things happen!
by Rufus Hammersmith June 17, 2014
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(v) To follow tangential ideas until the original thought was lost. Can be done alone or in a group setting.
Fred: ..and that's why Australia is shaped like a bear.
Erin: Ooh, wait what were we talking about.
Fred: I don't know I was spondering.
by Hopefulkiwi October 05, 2011
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