18 definitions by death

The act of smoking Purple.
Dude, are you purplin'?
Dude, I'm so, so so so *inhales* SOOO purplin'!
by Death February 21, 2005
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A bitter, hardened IRC veteran that serves as a frightening nodal point in the collective unconscious mind; a failed yet talented writer gone to seed, and the holder of dark state secrets. Verbally abusive to women in the most cruel, cutting ways imaginable. With a small cadre of fanatically loyal young anarchists he plots, and may yet succeed, in bringing about the global collapse of industrial civilization.
<lethargic_> GOD I LOVE CLARKNOVA.
by death September 01, 2003
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Sexual act; penetration of the ear. Resulting deposits in ear may result in hearing problems, hence 'soundproofing'; to ejaculate in ones ear.
Damn blud, yo just penetrated my ear, AND ejaculated in it, therefore I have been, like, totally sound-proofed.

Pardon? You'll have to speak up a bit, I was given the soundproofing to end all soundproofings the other night. Sorry, could you pass me those cotton swabs? Still got some... semen... in here...
by DEATH April 06, 2004
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A Man Who Makes Great GFX's
UltimaDargon Pwnz j00
All your b4s3 belongs to him
Ph34r!!! ;!!!
by Death April 23, 2005
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very big, humongus, monstrous etc.
That guy is ginormous!
by DeAth October 19, 2003
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To lose or "Get owned". Used by many CS lam0rs. :|
OhhhH! HS! HS! HS! HS ! ! ! ! ! ! You got p0wned!
by Death September 21, 2003
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"Joo mama", slang for "Your mama." A bit more of an insult when used as an insult.
Bob: Whose the fat lady?
Jack: Joo mama!
by Death January 07, 2004
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