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1). Something gone wrong. Can be used in numerous forms.
ex. Something gart is going on here; D'oh, I just got garted

2). Term used when completely owning something.
ex. Hah, I garted you good.

3) That bigggest fagbank to walk god's green earth
ex. ^o^b has just signed in.
Ha Ha you got GARTED!
by death January 14, 2004

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Sprode, adj. Crazy in a japanese candy raver way.
You like to dance, and take a chance, now throw your undies on the stage, no wait, you're under age, you're super sprode.
by Death April 21, 2004

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Prison...slavery...my life...
self exp
by death September 23, 2003

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Stomach ache from eating at McAssflame's, formerly known as McDonald's.

Supersize Me
I got the McStomach ache, the McBrick, The McGas
by Death February 03, 2005

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To Waste Time, do nothing
Theres a muckaround at george's Tomorrow night
by Death October 18, 2003

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eating of corpses or carrion
by Death August 22, 2003

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The act of smoking Purple.
Dude, are you purplin'?
Dude, I'm so, so so so *inhales* SOOO purplin'!
by Death February 21, 2005

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