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Please read this....I hate to make this look like a chatroom because of my response to the heat I've been receiving (I guess I deserve it as well), but I figured I just HAVE to respond, and thus let people know what I truly am.

To start with, I am sorry for my opinionism intruding when I was defining Colombia. By nature, Colombia is a beautiful country. Latin countries are beautiful generally. What I like about Colombia is their coffee, which is the finest in the world.
I am sorry that I said it's "the most dangerous country in the world". Iraq really is, but that's because it's under anarchy. I only said it was dangerous because of what it's going through, and that for Americans it's dangerous. The truth is, I only know what I hear & read about Colombia. What makes Colombia so dangerous is that the FARC has waged a decades-long war with the current government, and I heard about how American tourists are "held for ransom". The truth to this is that there are said to be bounties placed on American tourists, possibly by the FARC....and the rewards are high. I have noticed that there are lots of places in Colombia that are actually impoverished, and it is understandable that one would do anything for money, especially if they have a dying family. I just don't believe that Americans should be thee target to kill. I personally am fed up with how Americans are bashed left and right, and in essence, the reason they are hated and despised is because they exist.


If the FARC can be dealt with, Colombia would be a much safer country. The reason the US doesn't help is because we believe in freedom, and even privacy. Therefore we don't barge into a country without proper negotiations. America is NOT an empire like everyone loves to think nowadays.

So I thought I'd clear this up. Once again, I am sorry. And also once again : I DON'T HATE COLOMBIA (I love their coffee, and I'm certain that, like in other latin countries, their women are beautiful, but then again I am a lady-lover). You guys may hate me, but I don't hate you.
"If you don't want to accept my apologies, that's OK too. But take my advice : if you stoop to hatred, then you're no different from those who hate you & your country."
by Dave July 06, 2004

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2 Basic Types

Truckies - A firefighter who goes into a fire before the engine crew without any water and search for victims when the fire is the hottest and the smoke is the darkest.

Engine Bitches - A "firefighter" that goes into a fire after truck has vented and puts water on the fire.
Laura: What do you do for a living?

Nick: I'm a firefighter.

Laura: Wow, so you're a firefighter... have you ever saved a life?

Dave: No, Truckies save people. Hes an Engine bitch, he won't go in without his hose incase he gets in trouble.

Laura: Oh... Are you a truckie?

Dave: Oh yeah.

Laura: Dave, wanna lick whipped cream off my naked body?

Dave: later Nick...
by Dave March 24, 2005

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People who are half monkey
Jeesus - that geezers got hairy palms, he must be half monkey
by Dave July 08, 2003

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*The first state of the United States, and therefore the state containing Washington DC, the nation's capital. Easily a state with more history than any other in the nation.

*An appropriate slang term for "vagina".
"Where can I find the Pentagon or the White House?"

"I loked up fart and one of the definitions was talking about "fart from the virginia", so I got so inspired to define Virginia."
by Dave October 19, 2004

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The adorable main character of the manga/anime series Inuyasha.
"I'm in love with you Kagome!"
-me, not Koga
by Dave January 14, 2004

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Means "friend" in Italian.
"I think."

"Hey paisano!"
-a mafian walking past a fellow mafian
by Dave June 14, 2004

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The homo's of field artillery, These raging anuses are also known as "Gun Bunnies".
13 bravo's give each other oral pleasure.
by Dave January 16, 2003

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