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The almost un-escapable place where you have a crush on someone but they only want to be friends. 1 record lasted 8 years in the friend zone.
boy''will you be my girl friend''
girl''i would prefer us to be just friends''
boy is now in the friend zone
by dat guy1 November 03, 2013

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Term for multiple sociopaths
For example

Shane Dawson and Jake Paul are sociopaths
by dat guy1 October 01, 2018

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A Jericho is when you binge on Netflix and watch every season to a series of shows in the shortest time possible normally a week.
For example:

"I pulled a Jericho the other day watching breaking bad "
" yeah man same I watched all 7 seasons on sons of anarchy last week"
by dat guy1 February 10, 2016

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PMK (post meal kebab)
A kebab you consume after you have eaten a full meal.
Person 1: ''i fancy a pmk''
Person 2: ''we have just eaten''
Person 1: ''i know but im still hungry''
by dat guy1 January 12, 2021

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