A boy pussy is a reference to a males tight and pink asshole. Mostly used for twinks because their asshole is usually like that. A boy pussy is usually not hairy and is clean.
You know Tommy? Yeah, he has a tight boy pussy!
by Go away feg March 30, 2015
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Dave: So fellas, which one of you am I taking for a spin?
Simon: ooh me first!
Dave: oh don't you worry Simon, I've been eyeing that boy pussy for a while now.
by Moist towlette February 23, 2020
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Often associated with homosexuality, the boypussy is the male anus.
Ryan and Sonny like to have sex with each other's boy pussy.
by ms_nanahooter August 6, 2003
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Also man pussy. The rectum of the receiving homosexual partner.
Jim had control over his pussy muscles and could literally contract and relax control over his lover's shaft, often bringing on a sooner than expected orgasm, often with more intensity.
by Richard Black March 15, 2005
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A sissy boy's anus
- The primary function of a boy pussy is to be relentlessly pounded by an alpha male, bull or mandingo.

- In sissy boy sexual anatomy, the sissy clit is found above the boy pussy
Girlfriend, my boy pussy has been farting cum all morning from the pummelling I got last night
by Sweet Lolly April 17, 2020
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