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1. Another name for a sprinkle.
2. A nickname given to a gentleman with the full name Jim.
3. To maneuver something.
1. There aren't enough jimmies on my cupcake.
2. "Hey Jimmy!"
3. "I would love to illegally take this car for a ride, but I can't seem to jimmy the door open." :(
by cowsgomoo212 May 20, 2010

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The method used to measure the wafflieness of your waffles. If you go to IHOP and the waffles aren't wafflie enough, you must inform them of the lack of waffleocity in the waffles that you have been served.
"Excuse me, waitress?"
"These waffles aren't quite adequate in waffleocity."
"I beg your pardon?"
by cowsgomoo212 April 11, 2010

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A term used to express extreme anger and distress in a situation where you cannot use common swear words. I use it often around the house.
child: Moose crackers! I stubbed my toe!
Mother: as long as he didn't swear...
by Cowsgomoo212 April 10, 2010

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1. An epic cooking fail.
2. A child"s attempt at properly pronouncing "chicken tenders".
3. When you try to pronounce a dish on the menu but it comes out horribly wrong and sometimes just down right nasty.
1."What the heck? Are those kitten tenders!?" "Yeah, it was gonna be a pot pie." :(
2. "Mommy, can I have some kitten tenders?" "What!?"
3."Oh yes, I'll have the chicken gourd on blew." "Seriously dad, way to kitten tenders."
by cowsgomoo212 April 14, 2010

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1. A covering used to protect your pillow from the elements.
2. An object sold to children at very high prices at concerts when they have nothing to be held up and/or signed. Sometimes has the band logo ironed on, but is still worth much less than little Susie's mother will be paying for it.
1. " Mommy, I need to buy a new pillowcase. Mine is covered in booooooogers."
2. "Mommy, Hannah Montana is in town and that nice looking man over there is selling pillowcases! You know I'll cherish it forever!"
by cowsgomoo212 April 13, 2010

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