Dried up fecal matter left in ones belly button after receiving elephant tracks when removed it resembles a small pot pie.
Ted: So dude did you like that pot pie your mom gave you this morning?

Xavier: It tasted like shit bro.
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011
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When a male uses a variety of veggies to pleasure a female, leaves them inside her vagina, then creampies the female to create a "pot pie"
insert 3 baby carrots, celery, spoon in frozen peas. insert penis, and finish with a creampie. a pot pie is created.
by jaymzfox March 11, 2011
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To surprise someone during sex by popping someone's zit
Mark totally got pot pied by Shelly
by Banquet July 14, 2010
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an african american that tries to act ghetto or hood if you will. and they act black and do black things but do them where white people are because they are afraid of the black people in the hood or ghetto because they do it wrong.

an easier example is a wigger that is black.
yo did you hear about the pot pie in our math class


he got owned by a black kid
by Niok Knad December 6, 2008
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