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Slang for the head (the one that rides on your shoulders, that is). See noggin.
Damn, Frank survived that car accident, but he really banged up his gourd.
by Frank Klaune March 30, 2005
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A replacement term for both "god" and "lord."

For those of us who are non-theists and wish to purge our personal vernacular of religious terms, it can be difficult to get away from the conventional terms/colloquial expressions of "oh god," "my lord," and the like.

I propose its use as a basically meaningless term used for emphasis and/or exasperation in both writing and speech.

It serves as a transition away from "god" and "lord," but is still intuitive enough that the reader grasps the emotional content expressed by/with its use. Serendipitously, "gourd" being used as a replacement for "god" and "lord" is contextually nonsensical...a perfect reflection of the metaphysical silliness represented by the notion(s) of "god" and "lord" to the non-theist.
Cleanliness is next to gourdliness.
by quidditian December 7, 2010
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A person who is good for nothing and useless to society. A dead-head that causes trouble or annoys people with nonsensical talk. Named after the useless vegetable.
Mike: I was trying to enjoy my dinner at the Italian restaurant, but this guy sitting next to me kept talking to me about nonsense, and he wouldn't shut up.

Dave: Well he is a perfect example of what I call a gourd.

Mike: Oh, you mean like the stupid vegetable that you cant eat, and looks ugly.

Dave: Yeah, that's the one. I try to avoid people like that.
by Stanza292 April 6, 2010
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n. gourd, gourds

A member of the 5-piece Austin, Texas band, the Gourds.
Person 1: "What are you doing tonight?"
Person 2: "I'm going to a Gourds show so I can see see my favorite Gourd, Claude."
by Mr Betty March 6, 2008
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The act of placing gourding in an undisclosed location in one's bed. Gourding has mixed significance depending on the type of gourd. Recent gourding sitings have occurred in the dormitories and fraternities of Northwestern University.
Dammit! Those motherfucking kids are Gourding my bed!!
by The Gourder October 25, 2010
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extremely good, better than what was expected; as good as a great thing can be.
Man, I knew their ice cream was good but it's really just gourds!
by Aaron Darrell May 12, 2006
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