1.green with vegetation. 2.green in color. 3.lacking experience;unsophisticated. (Possibly from Old French verdeant. present participle of verdoier to be green, going back to Latin viridis green'
The American desert south-west was once very verdant.
by William Huxtable May 19, 2006
In GTA San Andreas & GTA 5, Verdant Meadows is the airplane graveyard out in the desert that corresponds with Davis Monthan AFB in real life.
Monthan AFB is about 100 times the size of Verdant Meadows, tho they're sorta the same place.
by ShadeyHolt July 27, 2021
a fancy way of saying green
verdant is a shade of green like jade or pantone (oil green)
by 808stuts January 6, 2023