The short version of "velocity." (Editing term.)
"I love this edit!! Great velo!"
by Julian Dean April 27, 2021
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A guy on minecraft that likes to edate girls (Preferably 16 year olds)
Dude, did you see that guy trying to edate girls on minecraft? Yeah, he's such a velo.
by VeloFanboy May 23, 2022
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A bicycle, but a bit fancy. Depending who you ask it's either French, or short for velocipede. A good way to get around.
by Herbert Sherberton February 1, 2018
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A word that means Hello, but with a brown accent.
Velo Varvan Whud r you doing, JHID!!
by Ushanker Sivanathan May 29, 2003
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a newbie that gets owned in sof2 all the time, and a poser in skateboarding.
DOUCH, YOUCH! impression of "ouch"
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
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A really dumb person that’s annoying and adopted
“Bella Velo is dumb
by Poopoohead420 February 1, 2021
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One who has eschewed many of life's pleasures to improve himself as a cyclist.
Tad's not as much fun since he's started training for the race. He insists on being in bed by 10, won't touch fast food or even have a beer with me. He's become a total velo-monk!
by Netherlipz July 14, 2009
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