12 definitions by chris ord

Waterproof smear left by an untidy toilet user(usually on a virgin train)which starts below the rim and inexplicably continues and survives intact beneath the waterline.
Some ones fitted a log effect tile in that public conveience
by chris ord August 31, 2006
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The art of disposing of your refuse in a bin belonging to another individual
Did you put that bag of dog poop I collected off the lawn in the bin ?

No , I binjacked next doors bin to hide our shame

Oh no , binjacking again
by chris ord March 12, 2015
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To produce solid waste,often used to amuse workmates,or as an excuse when you are going for a number 3.
Out the way lads,Im going to strech my hoop and lay some cable
by chris ord August 31, 2006
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Womens tits,refers mainly to the large English pendular variety,rather than the smaller pert European type.
by chris ord August 31, 2006
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