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Womens tits,refers mainly to the large English pendular variety,rather than the smaller pert European type.
Your Mother has a massive pair of Hingers
by chris ord August 31, 2006
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A chubby girl, most often a dyke. A hinger is very manly, involved in many sports a number one being softball. In her many attempts to prove herself, a hinger will try to get into any situation she can. Otherwise known as a man face.
Frankie: Did you watch the softball championships?
Dylan: Nah I'm not into hingers
by kyl3x3x August 06, 2008
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A deeply unattractive person, normally fat and female.. Like Munter or Minger but worse..
Chazz had far to many turbo Shandies last night, and once the beer googles wore off, he looked down and noticed a right HINGER in his bed.
by LuShY August 03, 2003
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hinger is the word in your mind that just lingers then you remember it then it vanishes then you remember it, to see it put your hands over your eyes with your eyes ooen,. Then with your eyes think of hinger then spell it in the air.
Ian, hey hunter I just forgot something that I have had in my head this whole time then it disappeared
Hunter, well that's just like the word hinger.
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by Laurance1601 July 17, 2018
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