Someone who has all the attributes of your ideal man/women
This women has everything I need, She is my toth
by Ms72002 October 4, 2018
To have a tumor on your balls the size of a pineapple .
Whats wrong with that guys balls? Does he have a toth?
by anonanalballs February 3, 2021
Somebody: why u gotta be such a bitch u flat ass?
You: I’ll just be TOTH
by Retarted fuck July 19, 2019
A word used in the place of any lyric in any song for a humorous affect.

It is also a person who has a passionate love for Senior Semplice
Toooooooooooooth! Toth Lighting! Go Toth Lightning!
by SamRussellYeahThatsRight May 22, 2009
The absolute definition of a nerd slave. A complete "gamesharK" and knows more about technology than the current events going on in life. Quite often has a hot sister and looks like Paul Scheer(goofy looking comedian)
Adam was telling me about all the glitches in MW2 and in Halo 3, so I called him a toth and walked away laughing
by The_real_Moss_Eir July 6, 2010
Running around pointlessly in a game instead of actually playing it.
"Why does Bob run around like that instead of actually playing?" "Oh, he's tothing"
by Garris0n January 7, 2013