(a) Low-level software that is not usually changed. Firmware is now often stored in EEPROM or Flash memory, so it can be erased and updated.

(b) Historically, software that was stored in read-only chips. Since it could not be changed without a hardware change, it was called firmware.

(c) Commonly used to describe any software on a handheld device.
The firmware in my handheld is corrupted, and now it won't even boot.
by lanteigne October 13, 2005
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1. Software contained in a read-only memory (ROM) device. 2. <i> geek-speak </i> The personality traits that are a little bit difficult to change (requiring brainwashing, hypnosis, or the companionship of a woman).
My cellphone needed a firmware upgrade for my girlfriend to be able to break through my call-waiting whenever she wanted.
by slickwilly June 8, 2005
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A modified version of a firmware ( for example on psp) to run homebrew, and custom boots, and text, and whatnot.
made by Dark_Alex a.k.a DAX.
Dude, i just got Custom firmware 3.03 oe-c yesterday!
by MushrumeHedd March 5, 2007
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Like texting while driving wasn't bad enough, Tom was downloading the firmware with the other hand!
by stavio November 17, 2011
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ED is most definitely NOT an issue for me; in fact, da only trouble I have wif my penis's performance is its "jumping to attention" too EASILY and staying hard too LONG, and so I would hardly need any "firmware updates"!
by QuacksO March 13, 2023
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Custom firmware on steroids. Hiveon ASIC Firmware boosts your hardware with high virus protection and manual and automatic settings that can give you an up to 30% higher hashrate.
Hiveon ASIC Firmware is the holy grail I’ve been looking for to cut my energy costs while squeezing max profit out of my ASICs.
by beeholder May 19, 2023
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