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Rolling On the Floor Licking My Acquaintance's Orifice
dan: julie & i we were totally roflmao at the office!
wife: heh..yeah. *continues reading*
dan to julie online: well, i've told her. she didn't care. let's roflmao again tomorrow.
by catfight12 January 09, 2009

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What a gay man calls his gay lover in his 'subtle' way of coming out to his already 'suspicious' straight friends. "Room mate" is also used sometimes.
Not sure if my friend & neighbor Sean is gay but some mornings I see him & his "gym buddy" Fred walking around the house in matching monogrammed robes..
by catfight12 January 09, 2009

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That one night of drunkenness wherein you find out (by accident, serendipity, or some twist of fate) that your girl friends don't exactly think you're as pretty as you think you are.
Girl: Who's prettier, Jane or me???
Friend: (pauses) You know how when someone is SO evil that even though they're really pretty they like, not look so pretty anymore? I think Jane's like that..

And that, folks, is Disillusionment.
by catfight12 January 04, 2009

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Vaginal Masturbatory Aid
molly used the jack rabbit for years because she thought it was the best VMA in the whole of VA. until she discovered the butterfly.
by catfight12 January 11, 2009

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When an urbanetizen (see urbanetizens) uses Urban Dictionary as a venue for writing good things about oneself/one's girlfriend/boyfriend/friend
Seriously, what's the point in shameless self promotion? I'd rather see words others can relate to. Urban Dictionary isn't your school bathroom wall..
by catfight12 January 08, 2009

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(transfered fat)

The amount of fat you lose = the amount of fat your friend gains

Also see Fat Displacement.
Whoever said trans fat is bad for you?
by catfight12 January 11, 2009

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FATH (abbreviation)

Fat After The Holidays
- i don't feel like going out. i'm feelin' totally fath..
- fat?
- fath
- fAT?
- fATH
- FAT??????
by catfight12 January 09, 2009

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